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Welcome to my website!


My name is André Weber and I live with my six Labrador Retrievers (two dog and four bitches) in Neukirchen-Vluyn at the Lower Rhine.


The Labrador (and everything about the Labrador) took my heart by storm. My first bitch Hedda moved in with me in 2015. 


We decided that Hedda should have a try at a dog show when we visited the “Hund und Pferd“ fair in Dortmund. So we went to Kortrijk, Belgium, in November 2015. Hedda promptly won her class and was named “Best Baby“ there. From then on, we visited dog shows all over Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and even in Great Britain. Hedda managed to win “Youth Champion“ twice and was even awarded two complete champion titles.


Dog shows are by no means our only passion. We are also into dummy training and hunting retriever work. We do so with the professional guidance of Frank Hartmann in Hamminkeln ( This is where Hedda passed the companion dog exam in 2016. My other dogs passed exams, too, such as the youth hunting exam for Labrador Retrievers. Soon I intended to get into dog breeding with Hedda. But unfortunately, Hedda’s elbow foiled these plans. Health has the highest priority in this regard – however, Hedda has a dysplasia in her elbow which disqualifies her for breeding.


In 2017 two more wonderful dogs moved in with us: Hazel and Hanni. Hazel is from Finland and Hanni is from Poland. It was clear from the beginning that both new dogs should participate in shows and should receive a Labradador-specific training – that is why these dogs come from renowned and successful kennels. Hazel’s brother Tequila came to us as well after he stayed with a fellow dog breeder. In order to avoid him going crazy as the only rooster in the yard with all these pretty girls around him he lives at my sister’s, two houses down the street.


I could not bid farewell to Hazel’s only daughter Arizona so she was was the only one of our A-litter in 2019 who did not move out. Thus she is a member of our pack since birth.


And now we are five who live in a multigenerational house with a large garden. My mother, her partner or my sister care for the four girls when I am not around.


And finally I would like to explain my kennel’s name. With my Hedda I found the greatest dog of the world. She means everything to me. She is my first dog – to me, she is wonderful and perfect. Even though she is excluded from breeding I know for sure that I would not be where I am now without her. And that is why I dedicate my kennel to my first bitch Hedda von den Riedwiesen.

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