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Why get a dog from Heddington’s and not via eBay?


Often I heard people say: “I don’t need a dog with papers and pedigree because I don’t intend to breed dogs.“


Here is the simple reason why I once decided for a dog with pedigree and why I am breeding dogs today within the guidelines of the LCD e.V. (and thus also in accordance with the VDH e.V.): the puppy has a “seal of approval“.

This seal helps to enable a long and happy life for the puppies as they grow up to be perky and trusty companions.


Breeding in the Labrador Club Deutschland e.V. means:


1. Training

Qualification comes first. Breeders have to learn and acquire a basic knowledge of dog breeding. The training ends with a written exam.


2. Kennel Certification

A trained breed warden controls the kennel. It has to fulfill the strict requirements of breeding regulations and animal welfare.


3. Breeding License

For the breeding license experts check whether the dogs are suitable for breeding. The individual dog’s appearance and behavior is assessed and relevant veterinary certificates are reviewed.


4. Breeding Steering

The LCD has access to the dogs’ veterinary files and checks whether the mating of dog and bitch is permissible or if there is a risk of hereditary diseases.


5. Litter Control

The breeding warden checks the mother’s and the puppies’ health status during litter control. This is sent to the LCD as an official protocol.


6. Veterinary Examination

Checking and tagging: the puppies get vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. 

The animals’ health and wellbeing comes first.

After all, you also want your future family member to be well and that she or he has a long and great life.


When you are also convinced of controlled breeding I’d be happy to get into contact with you via phone or email.

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